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Our Property Mamagement

Our goal is to provide our clients with fast, reliable service that will yield the greatest value.



ADP management Company is a property management and real estate services company in New York City. For nearly 16 years its owner, managers, and team, have established a respectable reputation as market go-getters and leaders that set market standards. Here we believe that winners do whatever it takes to complete the job fast and within your means. With highly creative, loyal and fearless management, we assign the right professionals the task of handling all tenant issues (rent control and rent stabilized) to boost your building's income and maximize profits.

After more than almost two decades in business, we have developed a unique structure to optimize any building and obtain the maximum profitability you deserve. Whether you want to use your earnings for personal finance or continue investing in new properties, ADP Management Company will take you where you want to go.

Our goal is to provide our clients with fast, reliable service that will yield the greatest value. Relying on an outstanding level of cooperation, expertise and an unrelenting desire to succeed, our clients' needs are always satisfied.

Property Types

  • Rental, Coops and Condos  Buildings: 8 - 150 units

  • Commercial Condos

  • Lofts: 4 Units and Up

  • Mixed Use Buildings: 4 - 150 Units

  • Walk Up Buildings

  • Elevator Buildings


Market Exclusive Offer

  • Low Cost Management Fee (5%-8% of rent roll depending on the building size)

  • 100% Occupancy Warranty

  • 24/7 Management Service

  • Maintenance

  • Legal Proceedings

  • Court Hearings

  • City, State and Government Representation

  • Financial Services

  • Marketing Services

  • Brokerage Services

  • Archive Service


Management Service

  • No matter the time and day, you will find us available 24/7 to provide you with any service regarding your property.

  • All building activities are tracked and monitored using a state-of-the-art property management system.

  • To reduce vacancy time, we open available apartments to over 400 trusted brokers and 10,000 agents in New York City. We make sure they have accurate information and access to make a swift transition between tenants.

  • New tenant screening is one of the most important steps in the leasing process. We run a credit check, verify job and income, and search for eviction history and criminal records. Taking these precautions guarantees any new tenant stepping into your building will be the right one.



  • All buildings are maintained by highly trained and experienced superintendents.

  • To minimize surprise costs of any kind, we take anticipatory measures and document all maintenance.

  • Full building inspections are conducted weekly.

  • We make sure off-limits areas are marked, locked and secured to prevent injuries of tenants and/or workers.

  • Building regulations are strictly enforced.

  • Building facilities - garbage room, laundry site, roof deck, playgrounds, backyards and storage spaces - are maximized to give tenants added convenience and safety. This features also works to make your property highly desirable.

  • All inspections - Fire Department, Boiler, Electricity, Gas, etc. - are made in a timely manner to ensure safety.


Finance Services

  • We do all the building's bookkeeping and payroll through our property management system.

  • All incomes and expenses are kept in a separate operating account for each building/owner.

  • All security deposits are held in separate accounts.

  • Separate monthly reports are created for each building.

  • Financial reports are provided to our accountant with all supporting documentation to file for taxes.

  • Full transparency is provided on all statements and reports at all times.


Legal Proceedings

  • Management and legal representation will attend any and all court hearings to resolve pending actions or files for action.

  • We will work in tandem with all city and state agencies:

    • HPD Department of Housing Preservation & Development

    • DOB Department of Buildings

    • NYC Finance

    • ECB Environmental Control Board

    • DEP Department of Environmental Protection

    • DHCR Division of Housing and Community Renewal

    • RSA Rent Stabilization Association

    • IRS Internal Revenue Service

  • We will protect our tenants by reacting swiftly and efficiently should any issues arise.

We will seize any opportunity to deregulate rent-controlled and rent-stabilized apartments. Doing so will exceedingly increase your property income and profits.



Regardless of property type, we will do the marketing for you. We will:

  • Advertise through all major New York real estate broker systems

  • Advertise through major classified and internet portals

  • Advertise through major New York newspapers

  • Distribute mailers to potential investors


Brokerage Services
We have partnered with ADCNY Realty to provide in-house real estate agent services specializing in:

  • Apartment rentals

  • Luxury apartment rentals

  • Retail rentals

  • Commercial rentals

  • Condo/Co-ops sales

  • Residential buildings

  • Commercial building sales

At any time, we have our trusted brokerage agencies in New York City, working around the clock to give you 100% occupancy.


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